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Casino heiress praises actor husband after Bali wedding


Ho and Dou in their wedding party. Photo by Shawn Dou Weibo

Ho and Dou in their wedding party, April 17-19, 2023. Photo by Shawn Dou Weibo

During her wedding ceremony in Bali Tuesday, Ho, 32, showed appreciation to her family and her in-laws, according to Sina.

She thanked her parents-in-law for appreciating her, and for raising the groom, Dou, 35, as a considerate, warm and reliable man.

“Having such a husband and in-laws is my good fortune,” Ho said.

Ho then thanked her mother Ina Chan and her late father, adding that she would always be part of the Ho family, despite getting married.

Video đám cưới Hà Siêu Liên

Ho and Dou in their wedding party. Video courtesy of Red Book

At the end of her speech, Ho thanked her husband for always being patient and tolerant with her.

Ho claimed that she had shown a bad temper and spoken without thinking many times, yet was always forgiven by Dou.

“Thank you for finding me, understanding me, and accepting immature me as your wife. I love you more than you could even imagine. I need you more than you could even think,” Ho said.

“I hope that we can grow together, become better, understand each other, and make a warm and happy family till the end of our lives.”

Ho and Dou have been publicly dating since 2019, and are often seen together in various events and shows.

In an interview with Elle, Ho revealed that they had moved in together to fully understand each other's personalities. She said she found herself at peace when she stayed with Dou.

Born in 1991, Ho is the daughter of the late casino mogul Stanley Ho and his third wife Ina Chan. Her father was renowned for his casino empire. Forbes has estimated her mother's net worth at around $1 billion.

Born in 1988, Dou is a renowned actor. His debut movie was “Under the Hawthorn Tree” directed by Zhang Yimou, while his other work includes “Dangerous Liaisons,” “Time To Love,” and “Princess Agents.”


As Phu Quoc airfares fall ahead of holidays, hotel bookings pick up


By Tu Nguyen   April 20, 2023 | 10:18 pm PT
As Phu Quoc airfares fall ahead of holidays, hotel bookings pick up

Hon Thom Islet with turquoise waters on Phu Quoc Island in south Vietnam. Photo by VnExpress/Khanh Tran

Ten days before the long Reunification Day and May Day holidays airfares from Hanoi and HCMC to Phu Quoc Island have plummeted, sparking off a hotel booking rush.

A round ticket from Hanoi during the holidays starts at VND3.6 million, while from HCMC it is VND3.2 million, down 20-40% from a month ago.

Aviation experts said the fares started falling after aviation authorities called on airlines to increase flights to the tourist island to meet the surging demand.

Vietnam Airlines announced it would offer 551,000 seats, equivalent to 2,800 flights, on domestic routes between April 26 and May 5, a slight increase from last year.

Bamboo Airways will double its frequency to four daily flights from Hanoi, HCMC with tourist destinations.

Data from travel platform Mustgo, which partners 2,000 hotels across the country, shows occupancy rates on Phu Quoc Island during the holidays have surged.

With airfares coming down, hospitality businesses in Phu Quoc expect occupancy rates to reach 80%.

Two weeks ago the rate was only 50% after many people canceled travel plans to Phu Quoc due to the exorbitant airfares.

Known for its long, sandy beaches, turquoise waters and dense forests, Phu Quoc has become a popular holiday destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

In the first quarter of this year it received 1.5 million tourists, up 43% year-on-year.

International arrivals to Phu Quoc topped 204,000, or equivalent to 58% of its full-year target.


Vietjet promotional week offers international tickets from $0


By Phong Van   April 20, 2023 | 06:00 pm PT

Vietjet is offering passengers a promotion week from now until April 25 for tickets to Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong priced from zero dong.

From midnight April 19 to midnight April 25, passengers can freely hunt for VND0 tickets on Vietjet Air website and Vietjet Air mobile app, applying to all routes connecting Vietnam to Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

The flight period is from May 7 to November 30, 2023.


Vietjet has a flight network comprising 66 international routes. Photo by Vietjet

Vietjet has operated a wide flight network of more than 30 routes connecting Vietnam with Japan, Taiwan (China), South Korea, and Hong Kong (China), with a flexible flight schedule and diverse priorities, as well as a full-packaged services of ticket classes including SkyBoss Business, SkyBoss, Deluxe, and Eco.

The promotional week has been launched together with the unlimited SkyJoy loyalty point program.

Registering for the Vietjet SkyJoy loyalty program gives you the opportunity to receive up to 3,000 SkyPoints to enjoy attractive incentives including redeeming Vietjet tickets and vouchers of more than 250 food items, as well as shopping and travel brands in Vietnam and across the world through SkyJoy mobile app or website.

Visit the website for more details.


Why is there an increase in sexual desire after alcohol consumption?


April 20, 2023 | 05:51 pm PT

I usually experience an increase in sexual desire after drinking wine. Can you explain this reaction? (Son, 28, Hanoi)

A man’s sexual-response cycle is divided into 4 phases: desire, arousal, orgasm, and satisfaction. Alcohol contains nerve stimulants and dopamine, both of which can increase one’s sex drive.

In addition, according to the American Heart Association, drinking less than 150ml of red wine every day helps improve your heart health and circulation in your blood vessels. It also helps relax your body, improve your confidence and sexual health. Therefore, many men use alcohol to improve their sexual stamina.

However, alcohol abuse greatly harms men’s physiology. Specifically, consuming an excessive amount of alcohol inhibits the central nervous system and other organs.

In the long run, alcoholics are at risk of experiencing a decline in their sex drive. Harmful metabolites in wine cause fibrosis and damage blood vessels in the genitalia. This can lead to a decrease in blood supply and erectile dysfunction.

Furthermore, wine can also cause a testosterone deficiency and thus a decline in sex drive. Alcoholism can also lead to mental disorders, memory impairment and unsafe sexual behaviors. And drinking can also worsen one’s judgment.

To improve one’s sexual health, men should exercise moderately, maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and drink 2 liters of water a day.

Limit the use of stimulants like alcohol and cigarettes. Maintain a regular sex life that’s appropriate for your health and needs.

Doctor Pham Minh Ngoc

Deputy Director of Male Studies and Infertility at Hanoi Hospital’s Gender Medical Center


Cambodia’s SEA Games 32 anthem goes viral


By Ha Thu   April 20, 2023 | 03:28 pm PT

“Cambodia Pride”, the official anthem of the 32nd Southeast Asian Games, has garnered 50 million online views after just 10 days of release.

The song is performed by singers Preap Sovath, Khemarak Sereymun, Khem and Ton Chanseyma. Since its release on YouTube on April 10, the song has attracted over 14,000 comments of people from different countries, including Vietnam. Many complimented the song for its catchy and fun melody, as well as the use of multiple traditional Cambodian musical instrumentals.

“Cambodian people and culture also are so beautiful. The song is really meaningful to Khmer people. Sincerely from Vietnam,” user Quang Viet Nguyen commented.

Ton Chanseyma, one of the four singers on Cambodia Pride. Photo by Ton Chanseyma Instagram

Ton Chanseyma, one of the four singers, performs “Cambodia Pride”. Photo by Ton Chanseyma Instagram

“Kudos to the entire team. Awsome song, lyrics and choreography. As a Malaysian living in Cambodia I feel so proud,” user Iwan Yan commented.

The music video for the song was filmed in capital Phnom Penh, with the dancers performing traitional Cambodian dances. Some famous places in the country such as Morodok Techo Stadium, Angkor Wat, Neak Loeung Bridge and several signature Cambodian dishes were also presented. In addition, a few sports including Cambodia's traditional martial arts Kun Khmer were included.

Sea Games 32 will take place from May 5 to 17 in Phnom Penh. The opening ceremony will be held on May 5 at Morodok Techo Stadium.

This year’s event will feature 37 sports, in which, men's football will start early from April 29. The Vietnamese sports delegation attend the event with 1,003 members, including more than 700 athletes.


Miss Vietnam contestant celebrates football star boyfriend’s birthday


On Wednesday, My, 22, updated her Facebook account with a photo of her and Hau, a key defender of Vietnam national football team, captioned “Happy birthday my love! I loveyou.”

My and Hau celebrate Hau’s birthday at the beach. Photo by Doan Hai My Facebook

My and Hau celebrate Hau’s birthday at the beach. Photo by Doan Hai My Facebook

According to My, the photo was taken in Phu Quoc Islands on Monday, during their trip together after she completed her dissertation at Hanoi Law University. The couple stayed at a resort, wandered around, and watched sunset together. Hau took a lot of photos of My.

After publicizing their relationship in August 2022, the couple have been comfortably updating photos and mentioning each other in interviews. In February, they appeared in a livestream together.

My recalled that during their first encounter, Hau asked her the reason why she didn’t reply to his message, to which she replied “I was busy studying.” Since then, she was more open to Hau as she realized the football star had an adorable and considerate personality. When asked about My’s three disadvantages, Hau responded that “Nobody is perfect. We have to learn to adore our partner's disadvantages.”

Đoàn Văn Hậu, Doãn Hải My du lịch Phú Quốc

The couple took a canoe around the sea during their Phu Quoc trip. Video courtesy of My and Hau

The couple are reportedly not having any plans for marriage, as they are prioritizing their careers. My is focusing on completing her undergraduate program and her part-time job as a model. She said she was invited to star in several movies, however, she had not accepted any invitations as she couldn’t arrange her schedules yet.

The famous couple got introduced to each other through mutual connections. A few months after My attended the 2020 Miss Vietnam contest, they started dating. They have traveled with each other's family several times.

In 2017, Hau became a regular starter on the national football team and the youngest player of the team at the age of 18. In 2018, he won the SEA Games’ gold medal with the team.


$10,000 Asia-US business-class tickets sold at deep discount in airline blunder


$10,000 Asia-US business-class tickets sold at deep discount in airline blunder

An aircraft of Japan’s ANA airline. Photo by Reuters

Many eagle-eyed travelers snapped up business-class tickets on Japan's ANA airline for just a few hundred dollars following a currency conversion blunder on its Vietnamese website.

ANA Holdings said Wednesday the mistake stemmed from an error on its Vietnam website, which listed an erroneous currency conversion, Bloomberg reported.

It did not state how many people had secured discount tickets and said it was “investigating the cause of the bug and the size of its damage.”

Most of the tickets were for a journey starting in Jakarta, through to Japan and then on to New York and back again in various Southeast Asia destinations, including Singapore and Bali.

The airline initially said it would honor the tickets for those who bought them.

However, the carrier said later that a final decision had not been made, adding that one would be reached before the end of the month. The discounted tickets will still be valid for people who fly before a decision is made.

Johnny Wong, who works in the airline industry, said he booked a return business-class ticket from Jakarta to Honolulu via Tokyo's Narita Airport for VND13 million ($550).

“I never thought I'd catch such a deal,” Wong said. The 29-year-old said he felt under pressure to enter his details as fast as he could, racing against time before ANA realized its error. The fare is now $8,200.

It is not the first time an airline has inadvertently sold premium seats at a cheap discount.

Cathay Pacific Airways accidentally sold first- and business-class tickets from Vietnam to the United States in 2019 for $675 when the normal price was $16,000.


Half-Vietnamese star Christy Chung denies being forced to have children


By Linh Le   April 20, 2023 | 01:30 am PT

Actress Christy Chung has denied that her 12-year-younger husband Shawn Zhang forced her to have children.

Christy Chung, 53, and her husband Shawn Zhang, 41. Photo by Christy Chung Weibo

Christy Chung, 53, and her husband Shawn Zhang, 41. Photo by Christy Chung Weibo

Many social media users are spreading rumors about Christy Chung, 53, and her husband Shawn Zhang, 41, Sohu reported.

The gossip varies from accusations that “Shawn Zhang is having an affair, and took his mistress home” to “Shawn Zhang is pressuring Christy Chung to have children at age 53.”

On her social media account, Chung said she was sad her husband was the target of false accusations.

“I know that the public are interested in celebrities' private lives. However, please don’t spread false information and ungrounded accusations,” she wrote.

Chung said her husband was very considerate but this was not widely acknowledged, and she saw it as her duty to clarify information to protect her husband and his family.

“I am treasured by my husband and parents-in-law. I treasure them too, so I hope they don’t get hurt,” she said.

Chung was born in Canada, to a Chinese-Vietnamese father and a native Vietnamese mother. Chung was married twice before getting hitched to Zhang, and changed her three daughters’ surnames to his.

The actress has starred in “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils,” “Mermaid Got Married,” and “Love on Delivery.”

In 2000, she was voted the “Sexiest Woman In Asia” by a Singapore magazine.


Illegal eco-tourism sites in Vietnam’s largest artificial lake dismantled


Illegal eco-tourism sites in Vietnam's largest artificial lake dismantled

An illegal eco-tourism site in Tri An Lake, Dong Nai Province. Photo by VnExpress/Phuoc Tuan

Authorities in the southern province of Dong Nai on Wednesday started demolition of eco-tourism sites illegally built near Tri An, Vietnam's largest artificial lake, amid safety and pollution concerns.

The sites have been constructed without approval from local authorities, to offer accommodation, camping and stand-up paddle board services to tourists at the lake, 75 km from HCMC.

Local authorities said they had previously ordered owners of the illegally-built sites to dismantle their facilities but they failed to comply.

Over 30 illegal sites have been built on agricultural land and floodplain areas around the lake in Dong Nai’s Vinh Cuu District, creating pollution, authorities said.

Covering 32,000 hectares, Tri An is responsible for storing water to supply the Tri An hydropower plant.

Dau Tieng and Tri An Lakes are the two main sources of fresh water for more than 10 million people in Vietnam's southern metropolis of HCMC.


Thailand delays collecting $9 entry fee from foreign air travelers


Thailand delays collecting $9 entry fee from foreign air travelers

Foreign tourists play with water as they celebrate the Songkran holiday which marks the Thai New Year in Bangkok, Thailand, April 13, 2023. Photo by Reuters

Thailand said it will delay imposing a 300-baht (US$8.72) entry fee on foreign tourists arriving by air to September instead of June, due to problems implementing the levy.

Tourism and Sports Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn said on Wednesday the fee collection from foreign arrivals by air must be postponed after complaints from airlines about its implementation, according to the Bangkok Post.

The airlines said it was too complicated to discern between foreign visitors who had to pay the fee, and Thai nationals and expatriates who should not, and insisted that all passengers must be treated similarly.

Thai hotel associations said if the collection was postponed for air travelers, it should also be pushed back for arrivals by land and sea.

The Thai government said earlier foreign tourists arriving in Thailand by air will have to pay a fee of 300 baht while those entering the country via water and land transport will be charged 150 baht each.

The money will be used to develop tourist attractions and pay for accident insurance for foreigners unable to afford treatment.

Thailand has long mulled charging foreign visitors an entry fee, but its implementation was delayed by the pandemic.

Some other Southeast Asian destinations also plan to impose entry fees to improve the quality of tourism services.

Hoi An earlier this month announced fees of VND120,000 (about $5) for foreigners and VND80,000 ($3.40) for Vietnamese entering its Old Town starting from June, with the money to be used to improve infrastructure, restore downgraded relics and organize tourism events.

However, the decision has been met with public backlash and the plan is now put on hold.

Indonesia’s Bali is also considering to charge entry fees from foreign tourists by the end of this year.