Experience the Beauty of Halong Bay in Style with Victory Star Cruises



Stunning views and beautiful room
Constantly changing, stunning landscape from the private balcony of my room, or from the shower. Food, food, and more food. I had an incredible experience kayaking on the bay. The staff are lovely, and the host was super friendly. Totally recommend at least spending one night aboard as it gives ample time to soak in the stunning World Heritage Listed environment.

If you are looking to explore the stunning beauty of Halong Bay in style, Victory Star Cruises is the answer. Located on the coast of northern Vietnam near the city of Halong, the bay is dotted with over 2000 small, beautiful limestone islands. Victory Star Cruises is an intimate way to take in the captivating scenery, fishing villages, vibrant coral reefs, and limestone formations.


The cruise offers an exceptional experience unlike any other. Their flagship expedition is ‘The Paradise Bay Cruise’. After departing from Halong City, guests will embark on a breathtaking journey. Along the way, travelers will explore secret beaches, hidden coves, and observe some of the bay's 250 avian species from the comfort and peace of Victory Star Cruises' vessels. During the two-day cruise, guests can relax and enjoy the scenery in luxury.

Victory Star Cruises offers guests spacious and well-equipped rooms and suites. Every one of them boasts a private balcony, specializing in Halong Bay experience. The staff is also courteous and attentive, making every stay comfortable and providing exceptional service. Victory Star Cruises ensures that guests have access to some of the best culinary experiences available. The restaurants offer a delightful selection of international and local dishes, as well as a thrilling seafood spread.

The chefs use the freshest herbs, spices, and ingredients from the local markets. Adventure seekers can also partake in a plethora of exciting activities. The cruise includes dragon boat rides, kayaking tours, snorkeling activities, cooking classes, and guided excursions. There is also an extensive variety of live entertainment, so there's something for everyone. Victory Star Cruises provides a unique opportunity to explore Halong Bay.

It combines the beauty of Halong Bay with luxury, comfort, and extraordinary service. It is the perfect way to experience this majestic place without sacrificing comfort.


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